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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I be thinking about if I think I might want a web site?
    I have designed a worksheet for you to review to help you think about how a web site might help you.
  • I would like to talk with someone about a web site. Will that cost me money?
    E-mail me or call me and I can discuss your ideas and if you are in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area possibly set up a meeting without any charge to you.
  • I already have a web site but it needs some work. Information has changed, I want to add a search engine, it needs a new look, the search engines aren't fining it, etc.
    I would be happy to do a free consultation with you about your existing site. Just contact me.
  • Do you do anything else besides web sites?
    My skills are broad based in many areas of business and technology. Before I was a "web person" I was a business professional with a focus on customer service. I know about software, hardware, networks and people in our markets for individuals, small business and organizations. If I can't help you we will try to direct you to someone who can.
  • My budget is really small. How can I get a web page on the web?
    I can give you a one page presence on the web for $100 and then expand the site as your needs grow. If you need more than that I can talk with you about what you could do to create a site for yourself. It requires your work and committment and putting up with advertising but it might be the right solution for you.

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