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Do you or someone in your family belong to a club or organization?

Do you have a need for a web site for a one time event for a reunion, conference or special event?

Do you have a limited budget?

Do you have something to sell but can't afford a credit card site? Pay Pal may be just the answer for you.

We would like to discuss with you ways that a web site and technology could help your group meet its membership goals, increase communication about your activities and provide education to new and potential members.

It is possible to do a web site without getting a specific web name.

We have access to hundreds of "graphic templates" that make it quick and inexpensive to give a professional look to your web site.

Pages that you can maintain yourself

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Newsletter
  • Calendars
  • Message boards

Examples of clubs and organizations that we think could benefit from a web site include:

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