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Electronic Job Search, Resume and Relocation Services and Information

Have you been thinking you..

  • Would like to know why you would want to put your resume on the "Web"?
  • Need information about a company your are interested in working for?
  • Would like to tap into the information and job opportunities that are on the "Web"?
  • Would like to relocate to another part of the country and start a new career and wonder where to start?
  • Need to research a new city or cities to find out what it is like compared to your current location?
  • Want to have an electronic resume available on the "Web" for employers to look at 24 hours a day?
  • Would like to know how to submit your resume to the job services on the Internet"?

The Internet has a boundless amount of information and services available to help you reach your employment goals.

We would like to work with you to show you how to get this information, launch your resume on the Internet or do it for you.

Here are samples of a few different types of resumes. We can also help you design a "scannable" resume which many companies are now using to match up the job and your skills electronically.

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