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Web Site Worksheet

Worksheet in Word Format

This worksheet has been designed to help us discuss what content would be on your web site, how it would help you meet your business goals, and what it might look like.

Company or Organization Name: _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Phone Number:________________________________

Person requesting site: __________________________

Phone Number:_______________

Email Address: ________________________________


1. What is your business? Why do customers or clients come to you? What is your mission statement?

2. Purpose-Why do you want to be on the Internet? What business goals would the Internet help you achieve? What new services could you offer?

Reach new customers
Provide information to existing customers
Sell a product or service
Provide selected information in easily accessible web form
Provide additional ways to communicate with your customer
Provide new services to your customers
Publish a news letter
Have a up to date image
Provide educational information
Keep up with the competition
Use bulletin boards to discuss topics
Show pictures of your product
Reduce printing costs
Conduct surveys
Email access
Participate in news groups that discuss my business
Participate list serves that represent my business

3. What ideas do you have for things on your web page?

Mission statement
Company logo
Description of your company, employees and each business segment
Hours of operation
Email address
Map to your business
Pictures of you or products
Forms to get information
Catalogue of your products
Links to other sites
Teleconferencing or chat sections
Reciprocal links with complementary businesses, community
"Friends" page
Coupons and discounts
Guest Book
Discussion group boards
Presentations (Power Point)
New services that you could charge for if they were available on the internet
Interactive data base
Shopping card
Credit card transactions
Password protected information
Listed in major search engines
Listed in specialty search engines
Listed in electronic white and yellow pages
Email to selected customers
Educational or humorous sayings or quotes
Make documents or spreadsheets assessable over the internet as training manuals, policies.
Music or voice

4. Audience
Who is your current market (profession or industry, age, location, income bracket)?

Do you think your market has internet access or uses email?

Does your market have physical disabilities as vision or mobility impaired?

What is the market you want that you are not reaching?

What is your competition doing with Internet marketing, advertising?

What do your customers want from you? (examples: high quality, selection, low price, service, convenience )

What do you want from your customers? (examples: one time sales, repeat business, add on sales, service contracts)

What message do you want to communicate to your audience?

Describe in about thirty words what your business does.

If you were going to search for your company on the internet, what are the words that you might use?

5. Other

How do you currently market or advertise your business?

Business Cards
Brochures-direct mailing
Brochures-broad mailing
Newspaper-city or national
Industry related magazines
Phone book white pages
Phone book yellow pages
Coupon books
Trade shows or conventions

6.Getting Connected

Do you currently have and use a personal computer? Yes No

If yes, list any information you know about your computer as brand, type (486, pentium), amount of memory.

If yes, what kind? IBM compatible Macintosh/Apple

If no, are you planning on getting a computer?

Do you currently have internet access through a company as America On Line, CompuServe, MRNET, etc.?

Do you currently have an email address? Yes No
If yes, what is it?

Do you currently have an domain name? Yes No
If yes, what is it?

7. How much time are you willing to spend working with the information that might come from your web site?

8. Content

What existing information do you have to put on a site as advertising information, newsletters, brochures, handouts, company logo, pictures, catalogue?

Do you have the information in electronic format as Word, WordPerfect or the electronic form of your company logo?

What ideas do you have for new information?

What information will need to be updated on an ongoing basis? For example, will you have sales, coupons, prices that change, newsletters, inventory that changes, new products or services that you offer, a new look for the site, a calendar of events that changes, changes in days or hours of operation.

How often will it change-daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually?

Who will provide the information that needs to be updated and what format will it be in?

Who will answer email or requests from forms ?

9. Your Web Site
Is there a special theme you want the site to have?
Examples could be: flowers, books, western, modern, antique, ethnic, oriental, country, outdoors, sports, music, food, people, adults, families, children, animals, technology, fantasy, cartoons, health, people at work

What feeling do you want the site to create?
Formal Fun Serious Cute Casual Loving Wild and Crazy Cheerful

Elegant Business Modern Comfortable Subdued Bright


What color or colors do you want on the page?
White Black Pink Red Light Blue Medium Blue Navy Blue Gray

Light Green Medium Green Dark Green Yellow Orange Teal Lavender

Violet Peach Brown Tan Purple Rainbow


What ideas do you have for graphics or pictures?

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