Living the Good Life at Any Age – My Home at Walker Methodist February 2017

The large print book (7″ by 10″)  can be ordered at http://createspace.com/6322545  The cost is $6 plus shipping  ($3.59) and tax if applicable.  76 pages.

This true story is an  inspiring book by 90+ year old Helen Bowers who tells of her adapting and thriving as she moves from independent townhouse living to community independent living and then to a wheel chair and assisted living.   Through it all she keeps motivating others to make the most of their life.

Second Edition of My Light at the End of the Tunnelnew_book_cover
Available now.

The second edition includes what has happened to Helen in the last eight years since the first book was release. It covers her life as an author, the move to Hazel Ridge, Ed’s illness, updates on the family and her 90th birthday.

There are about 15 new pages of her story.

Order the regular print book at http://createspace.com/4125885 or http://amazon.com

Order the large print book http://createspace.com/4428578

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My Light at the End of the Tunnel

The journey from abandoned child and abused wife to a loved woman

How does an abandon child raised in Owatonna Orphanage and a survivor of an abusive marriage become a loved woman with a rich, happy life and her prince charming at her side?

The serious health problems of her children and her own depression and illness could not break her and she learns and grows from her experiences, with advice from Harold Le Vander. Bringing her mother-in-law out of Romania with the help of H.H. Humphrey is a story not to be missed.

The impact her first forty years had on her life and the events that come full circle in the next fifty years will warm your heart.

The mother in law and daughter in law team of Helen and Fay have written an absorbing story of Helen’s survival and success.

Helen lives in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota and Fay lives in foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Greenville, South Carolina.