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Fay on writing the book

Why I wanted to work with Helen to write her story

  • For thirty five years I heard Helen’s story about her life experiences and how they affected her and I wanted to help her tell it.
  • I was willing to take a risk and try new things, I have technical skills that would make writing and marketing a book possible.
  • I have people in my life that would inspire me and provide me with the skills I was missing.
  • I have wanted be a writer since I was a small child. Here was my chance to fulfill one of my dreams.

Challenges in writing My Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Find a way to explain three variations of dates and facts in what Helen remembered
    • What she remembered and thought was true up until age seventy
    • What she learned when she got her orphanage records
    • What I discovered when I talked to her and reviewed the records
  • I wanted to provide a way for Helen to share with you her reflections on how past events in her life have shaped who she has become
  • Give historical perspective on events and people in the one hundred year time frame the book covers.

My solution was to create a section called “Reflections and Information” and I have used it throughout the book to give you additional information.

We wrote the first book in 2005 and went through a typical publishing model with an editor and publisher but we retained the rights to the book and purchased all the books and sold them our self.  By 2012 all the books were gone and the publishing world was overflowing with new publishing options like print on demand books and e books.   Since I am a techie junkie geek I wanted to learn more about how to do this.   Eight years had passed and many things had happened in Helen’s life, both good and bad, and I asked her if she wanted to do an update to the book.  Now for her 91st birthday in October we have the second addition with 15 new pages and new options for our readers to purchase the book.